Dayun journey blue label 5 tons

Dayun journey blue label 5 tons

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Dongfang Special Automobile Truck Crane

Dongfang Special Automobile Co., Ltd. specializes in the sale of truck-mounted crane trucks, truck-mounted trucks commonly known as truck-mounted cranes. It is a device that uses hydraulic lifting and telescopic systems to lift, rotate, and lift cargo. It is usually assembled. On trucks. It is generally composed of a truck chassis, cargo compartment, power take-off, and crane. The truck chassis can be selected from Dayun, Dongfeng, Jiefang, Auman, Steyr, etc. The crane type is divided into straight arm type and folding arm type, according to tonnage is divided into 2 tons, 3.2 tons, 5 tons, 6.3 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 16 tons, 20 tons, etc.! Truck-mounted trucks are also called truck cranes and self-crane trucks in some places. It integrates hoisting and transportation, and is mostly used in stations, warehouses, docks, construction sites, field rescue and other places. It can be equipped with cargo boxes of different lengths and cranes of different tonnages. A water tank can also be added in the carriage to form a sprinkler truck.


Product parameters

"Automotive Technical Parameters"

Product trademarks

Big Card

Product model


Total Mass (Kg)


Number of cab riders ()


Rated Load Quality (Kg)


Dimensions (mm)

5995x 2250 x 298

Quality of preparation (Kg)


Cargo size (mm)

3200x 2100 x 400

Close corner / departure angle


Front suspension / rear suspension (mm)


Shaft load (Kg)


Maximum speed (Km/h)



3.2 to 5 ton straight arms or folding arm cranes! gree rotation! Optional multi-directional operation!?


Optional half cab with chassis . Crane model / crane mass (Kg)/ maximum lift load (Kg) correspondence: SQ4SK3Q/1510kg/4000kg; Dimensions / wheelbase / front suspension / rear suspension correspondence are: 5995/3300/1300/1395,5995/3450/1300/1245,6550/3600/1300/1650; The side rear guard material is Q235, the side protection and vehicle connection are bolted, , rear guard section size: 60mm (thickness) x120mm (high), the height of the ground is 420mm, the rear protection and vehicle connection mode is welding ) ), . YNF40E1, YN38CRE1 engine fuel consumption declaration value (L/100km) is 17.5, YC4FA120-50 engine fuel consumption declaration value (L/100km) is 16.8; ABS?/ manufacturers?are: VIE ABS-II / Zhejiang Wan'an Technology Co., Ltd.;?3550X-1010 / East Kirknor commercial vehicle braking?( Xan) Co., Ltd.?)

Chassis Technical Parameters

Chassis model



? ? ?Big Luck

Number of axes


Number of tyres


Wheelbase (mm)


Tire specifications

8.25R16 16PR

Number of steel spring pieces

9/9 plus 6, 9/10, 8, 9/11 plus 8

Front wheel base (mm)


Types of fuel


Rear wheel base (mm)


Emission based on standards

GB17691-2005 ?Country V., GB3847-2005?

Engine model

Engine manufacturers

Displacement (ml)

Power (Kw)


Kunming Yunyin Power Co., Ltd.


95 (130 )

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