The aspects that should be paid attention to when the small crane is operated under high temperature in summer

1. Lubricating oil is easily deteriorated and burned. When the engine is operated at high temperature, the anti-oxidation stability of the lubricating oil deteriorates, exacerbating its thermal decomposition, oxidation and polymerization.

2. The dust in the dry air and the moisture in the humid air enter the engine oil pan through the air intake system and the crankcase vent to contaminate the lubricating oil, causing the lubricating oil to deteriorate.

3. When the lubricating oil passes through the overheated areas such as the cylinder wall, piston, piston ring, journal and oil bottom, it is easy to cause evaporation and burning. Increased wear of parts The engine runs at high temperatures, the thermal expansion of metal parts is greater, the normal fit gap between parts becomes smaller, and wear is increased.

4. The engine running at high temperature adheres a lot of carbon deposits and colloids on the piston top, combustion chamber wall, valve head and other parts, which makes the thermal performance of metal parts and so on worse, and accelerates the damage of the machine parts.

5. Due to the overheating of the engine, the engine oil becomes thinner, the pressure of the engine oil is reduced, the lubricant film is not easily formed, and the wear of the engine parts is accelerated.

6. The time aging of the tire is not obvious, whether it is aging, wear, or mileage and road conditions account for most of the reasons; that is, the driving period cannot be used as a criterion to determine whether to replace the tire, but the mileage should be used as the main parameter The most important thing is the degree of tire wear. It is not good to blindly increase the wheel hub, the braking effect of the small crane will be worse. Because the braking force of the brake mechanism may be insufficient; using too wide tires will increase comfort and stability, but fuel consumption will increase, and braking will also be problematic; tires should be used and replaced as much as possible, by maintaining a pair of tires There are similar wear and working conditions to ensure the left and right balance of the vehicle.

7. During the lifting operation, the outrigger can swing to the position perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the frame under the action of the hydraulic cylinder; when it is not in working state, it can be fixed on both sides of the frame in parallel. The characteristic is light weight, but due to the limitation of the size of the space, the legs cannot be too long, so the distance of lateral support is small. The function of the outrigger is to provide a large support span for the crane without increasing the width of the crane, so as to improve its lifting characteristics without reducing the mobility of the small crane.