Keep these points in mind when maintaining the crane

1. Avoid fire. When maintaining the crane, it is often necessary to use flammable and explosive materials such as oil, cleaning agents, etc. At this time, don't forget the fire fighting method and prepare a fire extinguisher to prevent if. Do not smoke near the fuel tank and battery: the combustible gas escaping from the fuel tank and the hydrogen escaping from the battery are simply lighted.

2. Avoid paying attention to the protection of rotating machinery and crane road tests. When the machine is recommended to work, pay attention to the need for hands, clothing and things to be separated from the rotating fan and fan drive belt (it is best to remove items such as worn rings, watches and neckties). During the test run, the condition of each part of the crane should be able to ensure safe parking and steering. It is necessary for the crane for road test to have a clear test sign. During the test drive, it is necessary for the personnel to ride safely and proceed on a dedicated test track.

3. Avoid scalding. The proposed machine that has just been turned off has a relatively high temperature due to the high temperature of each part of the proposed machine (water tank, exhaust pipe, power steering fluid tank, spark plug, etc.), so it is necessary to pay attention to prevent it from being burnt. If it is recommended that the temperature of the machine is high, never remove the water tank cover or loosely open the water switch to prevent burns.

4. It is forbidden to work in the non-ventilated garage for a long time. It is recommended that the exhaust gas emitted by the machine is rich in carbon oxide, which is an invisible and inaudible poisonous gas. Long-term exposure to low concentrations of carbon monoxide gas can cause headaches, shortness of breath, annoying vomiting, vertigo, dizziness, mental disorders and even brain damage. If it is recommended to recommend the machine in the garage, the door of the garage should be opened or the exhaust equipment opened to allow exhaust gas to be discharged from the garage at any time. Even if you work in the open air, do not stay for a long time near the exhaust pipe of the proposed machine.

5. Avoid getting carburetor cleaning agent. Most carburetor cleaners are rich in methyl oxides, aromatics and ethanol. These substances have certain toxicity, so these substances are very dangerous if they are inhaled into the nose or splashed on the skin and eyes. of.

6. Avoid paying attention to the packing of the workplace. When closing the recommended cover or other assembly cover, you should check whether things such as things, rags, and removed parts can be forgotten, and wait until the confession is correct before closing.

7. Avoid damage to the crane. The brake fluid has a damaging effect on the paint film of the crane (including the paint film of leather shoes), and it can quickly dissolve the paint film. Brake fluid is harmful to both eyes. If it splashes into your eyes, it is necessary to wash it with clean water immediately.

8. Avoid mechanical damage. The maintenance of the crane is related to various aspects; when performing maintenance operations, obvious work signs should be set; in order to prevent damage caused by the misuse of others. When recommending a crane, attention should be paid to the gear position of the transmission to prevent the crane from accidentally injuring people. When working under the recommended hood: other people should be taken out of the cab: in case the proposed machine suddenly changes or others operate to arrange actions, resulting in accidental injury. If you need to work under the car, you should set an obvious sign; When using a dry jack to support the cart, the jack should be placed steadily. Before driving, you should be prepared to drive things (by driving), and use bricks and fragile objects. In the assembly of the equipment, do not interrogate the screw holes and keyholes with your hands to prevent your fingers from rolling. When testing the proposed machine, do not work under the car.